Eco-friendly tassels

made of 100% cotton yarn














Tassel Bow

Many tassels available, including bookmark, flag, robe, academic, and many more. Custom designs available.

Tassel each end with slide – Tassel with barbed cord – Tassel each end with slipknot – Tassel with loop – Tassel each end – Tassel with loop and barb.

Twister Tassels

The Twister Cords and Tassels tie color schemes together. Colors that represent holidays, life cycle events and themes can now be incorporated in trims for printed pieces. They are available in bookmark tassels as well as program tassels.







CellPhone Bling Tassels

First of its kind tassel adornment for your cellphone. The tassel has a personalized touch with a Gold Initial Charm, Year Date, Jewish Star, Cross or Silver Heart to hang from the simple loop on your cell phone. There will be no more confusion about which phone is yours. Great favor item for a party. Made to order.





Chainette Tassels

Chainette Tassels are made of the finest quality yarn.
They are available in 7 different sizes: 1 ½”, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and in 17 Colors.

Other sizes are available upon request.

Creative use of tassels






Chainette Tassels are available in the following colors: